Il nostro modo di comunicare. 

Communication is everywhere and language plays a leading role in the communication at a sub-linguistic and over-linguistic level. Our life is determined by our communicative character. Conversational sphere, communicative sphere, look. Communication forces us to create a meaning, to give perspective and aim. To do that we set  the pure “technique of communication” against the philosophy of communication, trying to communicate the truth  separated from absolute and relative. If we reduce everything to a mere technical form, this would mean to reduce the texts to objects, things and at a communicative level we would lose a lot of the essence, of the human dimension concealed behind things.
To go beyond technique while keeping full control over it is what we try to do; to communicate in an ethic and responsible dimension.


Secondo alcuni autorevoli testi di tecnica Aeronautica
il calabrone non può volare, a causa della forma e del peso del proprio corpo in rapporto alla superficie alare,
ma il calabrone non lo sa e perciò continua a volare.
Igor Sikorsky


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